About Me

Name:   Ben Rohde
Hometown:    Fleetwood, PA
Major and School/College:  Mechanical Engineering major in the College of Engineering and Computer Science


I am a Mechanical Engineering student scheduled to graduate at the end of the semester. This major accompanied with powerlifting and bodybuilding, taught me the meaning of hard work. I intend to use my strong work ethic in the work force to build by name with the possibility of owning a business in mind. When I take time off from these goals, I am an outdoorsman. I enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and any combination of them.

I have a history in the performing arts. I played trombone for years specializing in jazz. At my best, I performed in the state jazz ensemble as first chair during my senior year of high school. My freshman year I was the only non-music major that earned a seat in the Syracuse jazz ensemble and had multiple solos as a freshman. My plan originally was to minor in jazz, but the academic demand of mechanical engineering did not allow any spare time.

The benefits of writing about art encounters include expressing one’s emotions, writing in a language that the masses are able to understand, and using both precise and accurate vocabulary. It is important to be able to accurately express one’s inner thoughts so that other people can understand what problems, if any, are at hand. Speaking to the masses in an understandable language is important so that everyone can fully absorb your thoughts. It is also important to know what is and is not acceptable in a society. Lastly, using the proper vocabulary is beneficial because it allows one to be direct while encompassing all of one’s thoughts and belief